10 Years of loyal service and outstanding expertise.

10 Years of loyal service and outstanding expertise.

Last month, David Parizek celebrated his 10th anniversary with InfoStream.

As the Senior Network Engineer, David has watched our clients grow from small to successful and he takes great pride in having contributed to the smooth running of their businesses.

David’s skills and talents have been integral to realizing the InfoStream mission. He has always demonstrated unbelievable loyalty to us and to our clients alike and in return we, like our clients have benefitted from David’s expertise and dedication over the decade. Not only is he a very skilled and talented engineer, he genuinely cares about his clients and constantly goes the extra mile even when it isn’t expected.

Since he joined us at InfoStream the IT world has seen dramatic changes. Blogs abound about everything, we have apps that help us cope and organize our every waking moment even for things nobody actually felt the need to organize, we don’t read ‘real’ books anymore, everyone has a smart phone and HAS to be on the internet all the time, we shop online, we date online, we chat on line, we text one another rather than speak, we post every detail of our lives on Facebook for our “friends” to follow, like and comment on, and we work remotely. IT has irreversibly changed the ways in which we work and play and David has honed his skills with every twist and turn keeping himself ahead of the rapidly evolving world of IT.

When he’s not managing IT systems, David volunteers with his local church youth group, and has been a member of Palm Beach Underwater Hockey since 1994! He’s also a great Disney fan and you should ask him about his collection of Disney memorabilia and memories.

If you have benefitted from his skills over the years, we know that David would greatly appreciate it if you were to reach out to him to mark this occasion: [email protected]