InfoStream is turning 20!

InfoStream is turning 20!

What’s even more awesome is that we still work with the clients we met all the way back then. We’ve seen firms go from small to huge. We’ve seen disasters turn into well-oiled machines. And boy have we seen technology change!

In 1994, Microsoft JUST release Windows 3.11 and around the same time a new DOS 6.22 came out. Seriously. Yahoo was founded (there was no Google). No Amazon. There was this crazy new thing called a web browser (Netscape) coming out. The Whitehouse actually launched a webpage. JPG as a format for pictures was officially approved. CompuServe was getting popular but AOL was starting to gain traction.

I don’t know how we did it. Everything was expensive, slow and required ridiculous skills to maintain and upgrade. If a firm had an emergency, clients could call a pager number as we didn’t have cell phones. Time was tracked manually for years until the Palm Pilot came out. Wow was that cool.

Can you imagine what things will be like 20 years from now after such shocking change we have been through? More and better mobile technology like Google Glass? Different input like talking to our computers as the primary input or even just thinking what we want done? Ridiculous power, speed and storage that we carry around with us. It’s exciting each time a new cool gadget, technology or application comes out!

The thrilling part has been getting to partner with so many amazing firms and people. Truly. How exciting is it to watch and contribute in any way possible to fantastic people doing great things and watching the success and results? People with whom you regularly share both their issues and their successes… their personal lives and professional growth… there for them in their crises and cheering them on in their victories.

Sure we love the technology, gadgets and futuristic stuff but it is the people we call clients and friends, that we'll always remember and cherish.