Apple WiFi Connection issues.

There’s been some buzz around for a while involving certain Apple devices with WiFi connection problems. Users report that they sometimes have trouble connecting iPhones and IPads to WiFi.

This thread on Apple Support Community contains many comments from people frustrated by Wifi issues with their newer Apple devices. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6627481
WiFi protocols, speed and security has changed regularly over recent years. In order to service all possible devices, WiFi networks will frequently offer older connection protocols in an effort to make sure that everyone can connect.

Many WiFi routers offer ALL the available wireless connection protocols on their networks, and most devices are able to select the one that they are able to use. An older iPhone might connect to Wireless B protocol which is much slower, but at least it could connect. The new iPad air might connect to the G or N protocol which is much faster.
InfoStream has recently had several clients raise experiencing difficulty connecting to WiFi with newer Apple devices, including the iPad Air and some newer iPhones. We found that disabling the older B protocol on the router was a fast and easy way to get the devices to successfully connect.

If you have experienced any trouble with an Apple device failing to connect to your WiFi, Infostream can help.