Move your favorite program to the cloud!

Move your favorite program to the cloud!

We can now take almost any program and put it on Amazon's amazing worldwide cloud system... awesome-sauce!

Want to move your accounting or quickbooks to the cloud?  Done.  That critical program?  No problem.  Need to share that data with people at work, home, other locations and on the road?  You got it.

What makes it so awesome to move a program to the cloud?  Once it is in the cloud, you no longer have to worry about hurricanes, theft, fire, extended power outages, servers dying, backups, outgrowing the system, upsizing, downsizing, big sudden expenses and a zillion other major perks.  Instead of you having to maintain your own systems, you can put your stuff on Amazon's multi million dollar equipment.  Systems no small business could possibly afford, you can use!

Before, it was almost all or nothing.  You had to put your entire firm on the cloud or not at all.  But we have made it cost effective to move over apps one at a time.  Users can work from anywhere, it's always up, globally redundant, works on tablets, phones, macs, pcs, you name it!

So you can get that critical app out of your hair.  Grow as you need.  Have the best backup and ability to grow as you need without the hassle.  It's pretty amazing.

If you have a program or server you think might be a good fit, give us a call and we can can give you the scoop!