Are YOU are on a hacked list!

Are YOU are on a hacked list!

Everyday we seem to hear about a company breached and data stolen.  So we take steps to lock down our stuff and protect our computers.  But is it possible your information was stolen from another company?

Here is a free tool to look up your email address to see if you are on any of the hacked client databases that have been shared around the "bad guys" community:  It's only a fraction of the firms that have been breached but you may be surprised!

Everyday an unseen cyber war rages.  Attacks are happening around the globe 24/7.  Just take a peek at a small sample of live attacks going on right now!:

Think it can't happen to you?  We regularly see thousands of attempted break-ins to almost all of our clients.  The risk is low and the payoff is large.  So they constantly scan, poke and prod looking for a way in.

New threats appear all the time.  Did you see the warning about Apple's Quicktime?  You should check all of your computers for it and remove it immediately. That's just one example of many.

So we are constantly on guard for clients on our Worry-Free plans.  Things change daily, bad guys get smarter, good guys throw up new defences, vendors release patches... the war rages on.

Can you guess what the single biggest vulnerability in computer security is?  The favorite target of bad guys around the world?  It's the person behind the keyboard!  If they can trick a user, they can often bypass the most aggressive of defensive systems.  That's why it's important to regularly and continually have basic computer security refreshers.  That can do wonders for protecting a person or a company.

I thought the two sites listed in this article might prove enlightening and even fun.  It's one of the battles we take on for our clients and friends.