Secret Codes

The number of people and firms getting ripped off, is spiking. It’s been bad the last couple of years but the last few months have gotten ridiculous. Simply put, the good guys are getting better but the bad guys are getting better even faster.

They get into email and use it to reset bank accounts, change payment information and trick employees and customers.

Are YOU are on a hacked list!

Everyday we seem to hear about a company breached and data stolen.  So we take steps to lock down our stuff and protect our computers.  But is it possible your information was stolen from another company?

Here is a free tool to look up your email address to see if you are on any of the hacked client databases that have been shared around the "bad guys" community: (more…)

Imminent Danger

Are you actually paying someone to cause your downfall?
Would you pay a criminal to break into your business?  Would you hire a corrupt bookkeeper you know nothing about and then give them full access to your bank accounts and credit cards?  Of course not!  Yet we constantly see something far more damaging.