Clues might be recovered from missing teens’ iPhone

Clues might be recovered from missing teens’ iPhone

An iPhone belonging to one of the missing teenagers has been recovered from their capsized boat.

A judge has now ordered that phone be sent to Apple for full forensic investigation.

Tech experts are uncertain as to whether or not anything can be recovered, but all agree that for both families, it's certainly worth trying.

David Parizek of Infostream told WPTV Ch5 news, that it's very likely investigators could find something on the phone. Whether whatever is found can actually help determine what happened to the two Jupiter teens remains a huge question.

David says text messages, photos and videos can be retrieved, however, there may also be other important information recovered.

He said the phone will certainly have had a GPS stored in it and that may well enable the teens’ movements to be traced. Provided the phone has sufficient power, the GPS will be able to reveal where the boat went and quite possibly, what happened.