New Music App is Worrying Parents

New Music App is Worrying Parents

Now that summer is here, our kids are going to be spending a lot more time on social media via their smartphones.

Parents and law enforcement are becoming concerned about one particular smartphone app which is increasingly popular with teens.

It is called and allows users to created their own music videos and upload them for all to see.

One mother of a 12 year old would-be singing star says it’s a creative outlet for her daughter. However, Alan Crowetz CEO and President of Infostream who is the Security and Internet Expert for Channel 5 News, warns that the app could also be an opening for the bad guys.

Apart from appealing to the desired audience, pedophiles are just the type of people you wouldn’t want accessing such material but who will be attracted. Police have been saying it is another app facilitating contact with children.

Worryingly, one mother has been quoted as saying that two grown men used the app to contact a friend’s daughter.

Alan says in his opinion this app is like a shopping list of children. He says that’s why it is paramount that parents talk to their children and teach them about safety online.

Just as in real life, they should not talk to strangers. They need to be very careful what information they share and they need to be shown how to secure and safeguard their accounts and not keep them open and accessible to all.

Mothers of impressionable 12 year old girls are watching their kids’ accounts and music videos very closely.

A spokesperson for did email a response saying that users can block any other user from contact them and they can and should report any abusive use or communication.