You Know you want me!

You Know you want me!

There are three little letters that haunt the dreams of most business owners in this digital climate we live in.



Don't be scared. We have come to help.

In the late 90's Yellow Pages ran face first into its worst nightmare. Google. A new more efficient way to search for business addresses, phone numbers and anything else that could help consumers find the products and services they were looking for. It was a revolution. A totally new way for consumers to make decisions about where to spend their money. Some companies jumped on board quickly and rode the waves of the new revolution all the way to the bank. Others resisted the change. Held on to their previous business practices and just thought it was a fad. It would blow over just like infomercials and smoke signals. That turned out to be a costly mistake.

As Google continued to grow so did its user base but like any gold rush, where there is gold there will inevitably be thieves. Any kid with a laptop could take their Uncle's dry cleaning business and rank it all over the top of Google's rankings including terms like "Shoes" or "Tomato Soup Recipe". Terms that had nothing to do with the dry cleaning business but still meant traffic to the website and more money for Uncle Leon. This was great for Uncle Leon but bad news for Google. Their newly acquired user base that was making them the toast of the digital town was beginning to seek greener pastures. Users lost their trust in this newfound invention and old school business people felt validated in their skepticism. Google had a choice. Tighten up their borders or end up like a pigeon carrier...useless.

In an effort to regain their elite status Google created assassins. Trained killing machines to combat their new foes. These machines would go line by line over every page on the web to determine what was real and what was an imposter. Nephews all over the world were found lying in a pool of their own tears unable to manipulate the mighty tech giant any longer. So they resigned to their normal business practices...lawn mowing.

Many of you reading this article once had a nephew or a friend or a "guy" that was helping you with your SEO. They might have even delivered results for a season. But one day they just could not move your business any further. You got stuck in some sort of weird cyber purgatory. Your customers could not seem to find you. Your competitors were cleaning up. And you were continuing to pay your friends, brothers, neighbor thousands of dollars each month for nothing. Frustrated and out of money many of you simply quit. The problem is Google. They did not become a fad. They became a giant. 90% of consumers today perform a Google or Amazon search before purchasing any goods or services. If your business is not in the highest rankings of Google, you lose money every day to your competitors who sit on those coveted rings of the digital ladder. If your products are not ranked at the top of amazon it doesn't matter how sophisticated your product is you are getting out sold by the people at the top.

It is one of those things in life called a "necessary evil". It has to be done in order to compete. Google and Amazon have just become too big to ignore. Just like anything else you need to find people who actually know what they are doing and then you have to trust them. In spite of past experiences or fears you have to figure out a way to let go and trust again.

We like to think we are very good at what we do. However, when it comes to SEO, you want a serious expert. If we are the brain surgeons, we know when to refer you to the heart specialist. But you can get the most amazing experts, with the best results, not only reasonably, but by design you get back more than you pay in! We can help give you the inside scoop and hooked up to the boosters you need.

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