Veritas System Recovery 16 released

Veritas System Recovery 16 released

In our continuing efforts to keep your information protected and secure, InfoStream has been notified of a new version of a product you may be using. Because backups are so critical to ensuring the protection of your data and therefore the success of your company, we wanted to make sure you were made aware of this information:


The backup software you are using, “Symantec System Recovery” was recently split back off to a separate company, Veritas. Veritas has been working hard to make sure everybody knows this. They have released an upgrade to the System Recovery software, which plasters their name all over the software. It will now be called “Veritas System Recovery 16”. This version does not appear to provide major improvements over the current version (Symantec System Recovery 2013).

If your support is current, you get the software for FREE and just need an hour or two of labor to install the upgrade.

Worry Free-Network Care FULL Clients:

FREE: If you request, we will install this upgrade as part of your service, including labor, at no charge, to keep you up to date with the latest versions.

Worry-Free Network Care LITE or Non Worry-Free Clients:

If you would like this upgrade to keep you current, please let us know and we can schedule an engineer to install the new version. Again, it typically only takes an hour or two.

If you are running Symantec System Recovery 2010 or older:

We highly recommend that you install this software to return to a current version of the product.

As always, if you have any questions, please call (561-968-0046) or email us.

Thank you