Alert: An increasing threat

Alert: An increasing threat

Loss of data is probably the single biggest fear in the hearts of most IT reliant business professionals today. If it isn’t, it should be.

You should ask yourself the question: could my business survive if my data was lost? Loss is not only the result of damage to equipment, it can be as simple as employee error, a virus, or even a totally legitimate but bad, Windows update.

We have even seen a wave of hackers or viruses that encrypt all of your data AND the backups so there is nothing you can do to ever get your data back.

Then you need to ask yourself if whatever backup system you currently have in place, is even doing its job and if it is being regularly checked and tested.

Everyone always thinks they ARE backing up everything, rotating data offsite, watching for errors yet we keep seeing lots of regular cases where they are wrong!

We have found in an alarming number of cases, that backups just are NOT happening. Employees miss errors, important data is missed, backups are not being rotated offsite, etc. You would be surprised, horrified more like, by the number of firms who think they are doing the right thing, but in truth, their backups are just not happening.

Shockingly, 93% of firms who lost data for 10 days or more went on to file for bankruptcy within a year. It is THAT serious an issue.

Literally – for years – we have been working on a way where we could do all parts of the backup for the clients and monitor it all 24/7. Multiple full backups onsite, rotated offsite continually, WE monitor them and fix them, an ability to ship data back on a drive instead of downloading it for weeks in a disaster… we wanted it all.

There are a couple of “close” solutions but they are super expensive. For example, one of the closest is Datto. However you are required to buy a backup server for several thousand dollars AND pay a huge monthly fee. Not to mention, we have issues with the product working reliably and with the security of the company. So how to keep it affordable and still capture all of the critical aspects.

InfoStream has put together a complete cloud data and disaster recovery package, which requires no drive rotation, which is constantly being tested. Where experts monitor and fix it every single day. It keeps a mass of historical data and points in time. It is ridiculously inexpensive for true image backup to the cloud, with hourly snapshots. The InfoStream team handle all of this critical detail.

No more swapping drives. No more trusting that it’s happening. Massive cloud storage. Constantly backing up throughout the day. Super secure and can be booted up in the cloud in an emergency.

If you consider nothing else, you really should consider this or you might later regret having overlooked it.

If you want to hear the technical stuff, or get more information, we can send you a summary flyer and answer any questions you may have. Everyone panics when it is too late and the consequences are disastrous. We sincerely hope you will think about this before the storm passes.