Do you really know who is watching you live?

Do you really know who is watching you live?

Few people realize that there may be unwanted viewers watching their Facebook Live posts.

This recent Facebook feature allows you to stream live video to anyone anywhere in the world.

Alan Crowetz, Internet Security Expert told WPTV when he was interviewed last week, that he fears a large number of Facebook Live Stream users, don’t actually know they are being watched and streamed by people they don’t know.

He went on to explain how this is due to them not securing their location in the privacy settings on their device. He then went on to demonstrate how he can find people in the surrounding area who are streaming. He browsed local feeds in West Palm Beach and sure enough there were people streaming live from their homes. There was even a stream of young children in a fitness class.

What makes this all very scary is just how much information is available about who a person is and where they are. Does the stream show any valuables in the home? Does it show children one might otherwise not want others to know about.

Alan found a family in their Boynton Beach home using Facebook Live, showing their children, mentioning their names…..a quick click provided the family name, and another quick search on white pages provided their address and phone number.

A call was made to tell them what had been revealed and they were shocked. They didn’t want to go on camera but will be changing their settings.

Changing settings is quick and easy. Just go to account settings, then select ‘location’ and disable nearby friends. It is very easy to keep your privacy once you know how.

It is important to remember that once something is put on the internet, it is there forever.