Automated Ticketing

Automated Ticketing

We have recently introduced a fully automated help desk for clients to open and create their own tickets, monitor progress as we work on their issues, and make their own comments along the way.

We struggled for a long time to find program that totally fulfilled our need to handle every aspect of our clients’ needs when it came to requesting help. We wanted a system that would keep detailed record of every single step taken along the way to fixing the issue until the ticket was closed while still keeping a searchable history.

Before this new system was put in place at the end of 2016 clients had to either phone in and describe their problem to whoever answered the phone, who would then make a ticket and notify the team, or they would email our ‘support’ email address with their request. We would then acknowledge the request by email, make a ticket and again notify the team.

Thanks to the new automated system, clients have two options: they can either still email support as before only now their email automatically generates a ticket, which the entire team sees, doing this also prompts an email back to the client acknowledging the request.

Alternatively, they can visit our website and create their own tickets. There, merely click on the ‘GET HELP NOW’ button top right of home page. First time users will need to sign up, other just sign in and follow the prompts. It’s as simple as that.

Clients can monitor the progress of their ticket, they can make comments against any notes the engineers have taken on the issue. Clients can even close the ticket themselves if the issue has gone away or resolved itself.

The system is proving very popular with our clients and is great for us to as we can trace back through time, the work we have done on any issue at any client.