Security Concerns over new Snap Maps

Security Concerns over new Snap Maps

Security Concerns over new Snap Maps

Security Experts warn Snapchat users about the new Snap Maps feature.

According to some, the ever popular Snapchat app is sailing into choppy waters.

Not all users are aware that those who follow you on the new ‘Snap Maps’ can actually see your location, down to the street.

WPTV internet security expert Alan Crowetz explained in a recent TV interview that this could be a stalker’s dream. A pedophile could track any child using the app.

“This new feature is very alarming to the security world because the app is telling people where you are and a lot of the people using it aren’t even aware that the update has been rolled out nor what it does.”

Alan says that as technology progresses and advances, it also leaves us with sometimes worrying dilemmas.

‘You are faced with the decision of whether you want the convenience/facility or whether you want security.’ He says you can very rarely get both. As we strive to fight to find the balance, he says education is becoming very important.

‘Parents should talk to their children’ Alan said. ‘A lot of parents just don’t know what there is out there and just what they should be concerned about’.

WPTV spoke to parents who were on both sides of the ‘argument’. One parent said that the moment a child is out of view, anybody know where they are…..that is an opportunity for a stalker, said one.

`Another parent, a mother, was less concerned saying ‘there are dangers everywhere…..’She said that at the end of the day, it comes down to the discretion of the parent.

‘Some teenagers might use the app responsibly but some may not be able to’ said another parent.

The company said that ‘Snap Maps’ is set to ‘off’ by default, but many users online, are saying the opposite is true.’

However, the facility can very easily be turned off by clicking on the settings tab in the corner of the screen and selecting ‘Ghost Mode’.