Critical: Security Alert for Executives

Critical: Security Alert for Executives

Security Alert for Executivesaction required

This is an extremely shortened version of a very large issue. If you would like any of the details or should you have any questions, please contact us as we can gladly fill in the blanks.

The Problem:

  • Security Breaches/Attacks are getting worse. The bad guys are pulling ahead of the good guys.
  • Small and medium sized firms, you, are the top targets.
  • Executives/Owners need to insure this is being addressed and progress made.
  • We /InfoStream, are often called in to react to an issue, but this requires proactive cooperation.

The Consequences:

  • Many breaches completely shut the firm down, dead in the water. For days, weeks or permanently.
  • The damage is often very expensive to remediate.
  • There are new laws in place that require you to notify every single customer, employee, vendor that you have been breached – a major hit to reputation.
  • The same laws have a sizeable financial penalty for every record stolen. Even one person’s outlook contacts may count as hundreds of records as each person is a record and a fine.
  • Lawsuits over breaches are increasing.
  • The Gist: The firm stops being able to work and make money while their reputation goes down and costs spike.


  • You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube AFTER an incident. Prevention is far easier/cheaper.
  • Any progress is better than ignoring security. Even baby steps.
  • You (executive/owner) don’t need to be an expert on the details. Just make sure it’s a priority and you progress forward.
  • Many of the major improvements with the largest impacts are cheap and easy to fix.
  • Step one is to identify all shortfalls, prioritize and pick a few to improve. Periodically review progress and pick a few more to improve.

Your choices:

  • Do nothing
  • You do it all internally (We can give you a free security checklist if you would like)
  • We work with your staff
  • We do it all – we will just have a few questions for you to get started

Would you like us to review your security and or meet with you to discuss improvements?