Trash it!

Trash it!

Do you have any computers with Windows 7 (or, gulp, Win8) on them anywhere in your business? Time’s up! Give them the boot! Don’t wait until tomorrow. Find them today.

The deadline is finally here. Microsoft is ending support. That means no more monthly security patches at the very least. Each of those suckers becomes a risk to the entire firm now.

Every month Microsoft releases a slew of patches to fix new security issues but Windows 7 will not be getting them anymore and will quickly become a liability, not just to those computers, but to the entire organization, it’s data and their customers.

You have two options. Upgrade them to Windows 10 or replace them. It almost every case, if a computer has an operating system that old, the computer probably isn’t worth the expense to upgrade just to still have an old computer. It’s often easier to simply replace the computer so you are set for many more years.

What about any computers with an ancient version of Office? 2010? 2013?

Not only are those very old, it’s just a matter of time before Microsoft will turn off support for those versions of Outlook being able to get email from Office 365.

So the deadline has finally arrived and it’s important to take action immediately. A bit of early spring cleaning in order to keep things smooth, secure and productive.