Alan comments on Contact Tracing Breach in Pennsylvania

Alan comments on Contact Tracing Breach in Pennsylvania

In his capacity as a cyber security expert, Alan Crowetz was interviewed by CBS Philly for his opinion on the Pennsylvania Health Department data breach.

Private information on at least 72,000 people may have been compromised.

The department has said that none of the data breached contained any financial information, or social security numbers. On the other hand, the breach may have contained names, phone numbers and email addresses, age and gender as well as Covid diagnosis.

Alan said that the more information available about someone, the easier it is to discover their identity or even in some cases to use that information for financial gain.

According to Alan, the total number of people affected by this breach will possibly grow.

He added that one of the main rules of security is that it might be best not to reveal the full extent of what was actually leaked, to the general public, until you have a clearer picture of exactly what happed.