To the Point: Americans Worried about Cybersecurity Threat

To the Point: Americans Worried about Cybersecurity Threat

Alan was a guest on WPTV To The Point on WPTV, discussing cybersecurity and the hacking threat.

According to a recent poll, 9 out of 10 people expressed some level of concern abut the risk to the personal information and hacking. He said that more work needs to be done to make people aware of the risks and the need to keep information safe.

Alan said unique passwords should be used everywhere possible. The first thing people can do is to create different passwords for every site. This can be difficult to monitor but he suggests using a password manager app which will store all passwords.

Having your Facebook account breached is one thing but if you use the same password everywhere, you have a bigger problem as the hacker has the key to your bank account too.

Alan went on to suggest sites like where people can keep track of breaches, to check their vulnerability and which passwords they should change immediately.

He said that most users will experience 10 or 11 breaches associated to their email address and that the data is out there - the only unknown is how it is being used and when.

Americans are becoming increasingly worried about the possibility of attacks from foreign governments, in particular China, Russia and Iran. He said there is still much to do but Government agencies are now upping the pressure on private businesses, utilities and other organizations taking a really hard look at locking this down better than, we all need to improve our security.

We all need to be paranoid about security otherwise it's almost guaranteed we will be hit, and he went on to suggest investing in a back-up system to store information documents and family pictures so they will not be lost in a cyberattack.