Our favorite remote working tools

Wary of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, nations all over the world are imposing travel restrictions and considering lockdowns yet again. Fortunately, many companies can still sustain operations, thanks to remote work. More and more businesses have been enjoying work from home setups with the help of the right tools.

4 Ways AI can help eCommerce businesses grow

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digital transformation of businesses across sectors, including eCommerce. By adopting tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI), in particular, e-tailers were able to cope with the sudden spike in online sales during the height of the pandemic and even expand their businesses.

Here’s how to tidy up your workstations

A tidy workstation helps employees be more productive. Cleanliness also contributes to better employee health, safety, and office hardware maintenance. Keep your computers and mobile devices dirt- and dust-free with these tips.

Desktop monitors

You spend several hours looking at your computer monitor, so it’s important to make sure it doesn’t have any dust or smudges.

5 Steps to Building a Managed Services Business

Every year, the IT demands on businesses grow. Therefore, those thinking about creating a managed services business have every chance to solidify a position in the market. But how do you get started? Here are five simple steps!

1. Create a Business Plan

Regardless of the industry, every new business needs to create a plan.

How Does an MSP Work?

You may have seen the discussion arising about managed service providers (MSPs) in recent times. Essentially, these are companies that manage the IT systems of a business remotely. Rather than dealing with everything yourself, you outsource to experts with an advanced infrastructure, knowledge, experience, and more.