I would like to express our sincere thanks for you working with us to get our failing drive replaced sooner rather than later. You are very kind, as are all of your employees! We enjoy working with you more than you can ever know; the emphasis that you place on service and customer care is second to none. I cannot think of another business firm that I would recommend as highly as InfoStream. We appreciate all you do for us!

Blumer & Stanton, Inc.

Thanks for all your help, always. You guys rock! 🙂

Digital Marketing Manager
Gateway Commercial Finance

It was so refreshing to work with a company as professional as InfoStream. The message had to be told. Keep up the great work!

Imagine Retail

Hey just want to tell you that I love my concierge service with your company!

Network Administrator
ARC of Palm Beach County

Alan, You and your team provide a level of customer service that just isn’t found in most companies these days.  I am so very grateful for the wonderful relationship we have with you and your team!  Thank you for looking out for SJS.  We are blessed to work with a company that values what we are doing for our children and our community.  I would like to let you know that I value the work you all do here and, in our community, and thank you very much!

Saint Juliana School

We have worked with InfoStream for over 10 years. They have consistently provided knowledgeable advice and very competent service for all our technology concerns. Their staff is smart, friendly and with a personal touch that makes them a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!

Network Administrator
Carrick Contracting Corporation

I have done business with InfoStream for over 15 years. Alan was the go to guy whenever we needed help, he treated us with respect and gave us quick service and solutions to our computer problems. When it came time to update he always advised us properly and was able to save us money on our hardware. Even though Alans company has grown, I am still able to call him personally. It’s like having a personal friend who is interested in helping you to solve either simple or complex problems. I highly recommend InfoStream.

Palm Beach Lifts

The InfoStream team keeps my IT systems in top shape and they keep us protected from all the bad things that can happen to a computer system. We are grateful to have Alan and his team working with us!

Davis & Ashton, P.A.

InfoStream is a great asset to my company. Very professional and has always come through for us! Highly recommend them. Companies like this with outstanding customer service are hard to find these days!!

InfoStream by far has the best, most professional people. Anytime we have an issue and call they are immediately on it, whether it is trying to fix it remotely or on site. We love these guys!

Blumer and Stanton, Inc.

InfoStream is a fantastic technology partner. We have relied on InfoStream for over 12 years to maintain our network and keep it safe. They are constantly updating us on new tech trends and threats. They help us make informed, proactive decisions on everything from backups to WiFi. We don't make any IT decisions without their advice. Alan, David, Toffi and the rest of the team are a true pleasure to work with!

Duffy’s Management

We have been using InfoStream for over 15 years. Their fees are always fair, the staff is knowledgeable, friendly and most important patient. We have always been comfortable working with any of their staff. I highly recommend InfoStream for all professional computer/IT services.

Senior Partner
Simmons & White

These guys are top notch. They are really fast to respond, and don't quit until the job is done. They truly give you a sense that you are their top priority.

Senior Drafter
Schmidt Nichols Landscape Architecture

Best I have worked with in over 25 years. I have worked with several large & small computer consultants, but InfoStream has provided so much more. They have been providing computer consulting for us for 10 years now. I depend on them heavily for their expertise on all aspects of our computer needs. They are always coming up with new ideas to benefit our needs and making sure we have every tool that can help in our success and thrive in our industry. Your day will get so much easier when you have the best!!!

Office Manager
Ellrich, Neal, Smith & Stohlman

InfoStream was one of several companies interviewed to take over our IT management after problems increased and solutions decreased with a previous contractor. The standout difference between the InfoStream team and all the others was the initial thoroughness of the evaluation of our existing system.

In short order our entire network, 31 workstations and the server were brought back up to problem-free operation. We signed up for the "Worry-Free" program and have found that so good that down time for the server has been a true zero, workstation problems minimal, and when problems happen, quickly addressed and resolved.

InfoStream handled the replacement of our server beautifully, migrating everything with no office downtime over one weekend, moving our e-mail to the cloud (Office 365 is fantastic), installing new firewall, router, switches and other equipment.

On-going support has been excellent, fast response, most issues resolved remotely, and on-site if needed within hours of a call.

An excellent company with highly skilled engineers. Highly recommended.

Excellent Company. Always on top of all IT problems and have made some excellent changes that benefited our company in many ways.

Office Manager
Reichel Realty

InfoStream was fantastic! We needed help with a down server that was a 7 hour drive away from our office and when we reached out to InfoStream they had someone onsite with-in an hour and the server up in running in less than an hour after that! Thanks so much! Fantastic work and even better speed!

On Call Computer Solutions - Jacksonville

I work with InfoStream via my position as The Director of Marketing at The Arc of Palm Beach County. I highly recommend InfoStream for professional computer and IT services. We work with Alan, and he and the rest of the InfoStream team are always timely and efficient. Being a nonprofit those are characteristics that are very important to our industry and we appreciate their professionalism very much.

ARC of Palm Beach County

Top notch company that has your back! Would highly recommend for businesses.

Interiors by Karina

InfoStream always has the best advice when it comes to keeping me safe online. Alan is the go to IT guy for WPTV whenever a big story hits and his knowledge and experience shows. Highly recommend you give them a try.

Platinum Properties

Prompt and excellent service by an extremely knowledgeable team. Highly recommend!

Post Concussion Syndrome Research & Support

(5 Stars!)

WPTV/NBC Reporter

Awesome company and staff that I've worked with for many years. They are always quick to respond and take care of any issues we are experiencing. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable, and I can always count on them to handle our challenges. If you're looking for a top-notch I.T. company I highly recommend them.

Florida Crystals

I have worked with InfoStream as Accounting Manager for Duffy’s Management since 2003. They have been reliable, knowledgeable and prompt when dealing with any issues that we have had.

Duffy’s Sports Grill

Alan Crowetz and his team are extremely knowledgeable about internet security and the latest trends in malware. Any time I have any concerns or learn of new types of hacking, internet privacy threats, or internet fraud, I've called InfoStream and the team always has information and simple steps to protect my accounts and information.

WPTV/NBC TV Reporter

Alan is a tech genius! If you’re in need of an IT solution look no further than InfoStream. Alan is always up to date on the latest IT security solutions. He is also kind, trustworthy and hardworking.

WPBF/NBC TV Reporter

A company that is honest, reliable and professional. They've helped me many times over the years. They have great customer service, are super friendly and it's nice to know you’re working with a company that gives you honesty and integrity every time. Thanks guys!

Massage Envy

The man behind this company is dedicated to attention to details, he is smart, and extremely knowledgeable and up to date in his field. WPB local, quick response times, amazing DR plans! His team is great, they are well trained and very good at what they do!

Network Analyst
Jupiter Medical Center

Great company with awesome people that are very knowledgeable and attentive to IT issues & solutions. From servers, to networks, to workstations, InfoStream can handle it all. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

King Canary Brewery, NC

Alan and his team are fiercely loyal to their clients and have always had their client's best interests in mind. He takes great care in selecting quality staff and takes pride in offering the best service available. I would not hesitate for a second to count on InfoStream for IT needs at any business, large or small!

Denton County, TX Transit Authority

Alan is a true professional. He truly knows what he is talking about and when asked, he offers great advice to protect you and your family. We trust Alan because he has our back.

WPTV News Channel 5 Reporter

You and your team continue to give me hope in humanity. You guys are my favorite.

IT Director
Duffy’s Sports Grill

Personalized service that cannot be beat. It is something many other companies are missing.


It’s great having you guys as part of our team!!

Rich’s Ice Cream

I really am VERY happy I made the move. I know you’ve got me covered. I can sleep at night.

We so appreciate our partnership with you.

Media & Technology
St. Juliana Catholic School, West Palm Beach

It really does help, I wish that everyone that we dealt with was as efficient as you all are!!!

Blumer and Stanton, Inc.

I don't want anybody but InfoStream to fix our issues. Best thing we ever did was to meet you! It has been a win win situation. I told you we were a nonprofit and you have done everything in your power to work with us. Excellent employees and top notch work. I will go nowhere else!

Executive Director
Lake Worth Playhouse

We switched to InfoStream years ago and have never looked back

CPA, Partner
Thomas and Clough, CPA, P.A.

..over 15 years and never once in that time have they disappointed us

CPA, Senior partner
Caler Donten Levine Cohen Porter Veil, CPA

Extremely fast server and availability

Senior Partner
Simmons and White Engineering

Quality of service is superb

Site Manager
Metabolic Research Institute

I am completely impressed and happy

Firm Manager
Moore Ellrich Neal CPA, P.A.

Makes my life much easier and we are very grateful!

Office Manager
Ron Sellers & Associates

ALWAYS go above and beyond.

Office Manager
S. B. Godown, CPA

We frequently recommend them to clients

Thomas & Clough, CPA, P.A.

It may take just 2 minutes via remote or 10 hours with the server, but they see it through

Duffy’s Sports Grill

We haven’t been able to stump them with any of our problems yet!

Systems Administrator
Palm Beach International Airport

Whether emergency or routine they jump and take care of it


I couldn’t be happier with the service and results

The Colony Hotel Palm Beach

You won’t be disappointed

Network Engineer
Autec Underwater Research

Gave us the security & confidence we needed focus on our business and not worry one stitch about computer related issues

Office Manager
Corcoran Realty Palm Beach

Their knowledge is heads above the rest

Webmaster for Hire

Not many companies can say that they have never had an unanticipated shutdown or lost data (15 years)

Contacts Unlimited

I usually get an answer immediately, or always within a few minutes.

First Presbyterian Church of North Palm Beach

Very accessible, I have never waited long for a callback even when the issue is minor

Senior Partner
Simmons and White Engineering

We will never change companies

Office Manager
Palm Beach Lifts

Very knowledgeable and responsive

VP Marketing
Duffy’s Sports Grill


JEM Research Institute

We went through quite a few IT people before finding them

Senior Paralegal
Jose G. Rodriguez, Esq.

We have received nothing but excellent advice

Contacts Unlimited

I would never use anyone else.

Palm Beach Cancer Institute

Great Service

I would like to thank you and your company for such great services.  The situation with Quickbooks was very stressful for me dealing with technicians out of the country.  But it all turned around when Louis walked in he took full control of the situation even telling the Quickbooks tech how to do it properly.  I was so impressed with him very helpful, knowledgeable and stayed with me even after 5 PM to make sure everything was running and correctly.  So again I commend you on your hiring of such an excellent IT man.  Again my heartfelt thanks for all your help. 

Office Manager
Cool Team Inc

They know what they are talking about, they know how to COMMUNICATE what they are talking about, and they get to work on your problems immediately. Alan and David both understand the needs of our organization, they give thoughtful advice, and take their jobs very seriously.

Executive Director
Palm Beach Preservation Foundation

Class Act Company

Our Firm has utilized the services of Infostream for the past 14 years. Alan is one of the most knowledgeable consultants you could meet. He and his assistant, David are professional, thorough, responsive, and fair, to name a few. Alan always thinks ahead and keeps us outfitted in the most up-to-date technology. His selection of software fits our every need. He respects our need to have no 'down' time. If we ever have a problem, which is extremely rare, he is there no matter what hour of the day. I have stayed throughout the night with him so that things would be up and running the next day by the time the other employees would be getting in. He definately goes beyond the call of duty. He is well respected. I have, and will continue to recommend his services to anyone in need of expertise.

Tax Manager
Caler Donten Levine, Porter Veil, CPA, P.A.


InfoStream is one of the most outstanding service providers we deal with and perhaps the best we have ever had the privilege to deal with. All aspects of their service are superior. There are few companies today that you can call or email the owner with a problem and receive a response in minutes. Further, we have seen them work through the night and weekend to service our computers or correct a problem so that our business is not interrupted. We have used InfoStream for over 15 years and never once in that time have they disappointed us with their level of service, products or expertise. We have tremendous confidence in their advice and relying on their expertise has never once resulted in anything less than stellar performance of our systems.

CPA, Shareholder/Partner
Caler Donten Levine Porter Veil, CPA PA

Top notch!

This company treats its customers with a very high level of service and expertise. I cannot say enough about them! They always maintain great customer service and are above and beyond the rest with their knowledge! They always have solutions and are not only efficient but timely as well.

Massage Manager
The Polo Club of Boca Raton

The Real Deal -- A Company You Can Trust

I have known Alan since before InfoStream started in 1994. His wealth of knowledge and expertise in the IT field is unsurpassed. What truly sets Alan apart from his peers though is his unrivaled personal integrity. He is the ultimate professional who will not only do what he says but will go above and beyond to make sure he has provided the best customer service possible. He also has the uncanny ability to explain the most complex process in very understandable terms. Alan truly is the real deal and that is a very rare commodity to find in this day and age.

Chief Financial Officer
Tennant Health Care

Review of Infostream

Infostream helped us automate our business over 15 years ago and has grown as we have grown. In all of these years, we have never once been down due to a virus or a hardware or software problem. We may have had to shut down temporarily to install a new server or upgrade software or hardware, but never because of any virus or a problem resulting from a situation created by Infostream. Not many companies can say that they have never had an unanticipated shutdown or lost data. We follow all of their advice and we are never in trouble.

Contacts Unlimited Inc.

Outstanding IT Services

Excellent customer service, knowledgeable IT services. Have worked with Alan and David for five years, our company has used Infostream's Services for longer. Have always been willing and able to assist with any question, issue or emergency Network and PC problems. Great understanding and willingness to share a variety of potential IT solutions and direction for us to find solutions to issues. Recently completed a merger of two company networks and the pre-planning made the week of the move and transition run ultra-smoothly. Always a pleasure to work with on IT issues large and small. I've worked with Fortune 500 IT teams in the past and Infostream's level of service and professionalism compares favorably to among the best of these.For a small to mid-size business that spells RELIABILITY.

Landscape Architect
Urban Design Kilday Studios


We have been with Infostream for over 10 years and have nothing but respect for them. They are responsive and knowledgable, helpful without talking down to you. Very accessible, I have never waited long for a callback even when the issue is minor. Alan and David are very proactive to my needs, often calling and offering advice on how to make our systems work better

Simmons and White Engineering

With other computer consultants I have used in my 20 years as an office manager I cannot say I would recommend them fully, but Infostream is another matter and I would "DEFINITELY" have no problem in letting someone know that I am completely impressed and happy with my choice of Infostream for all our computer needs.

Office Manager
Moore Ellrich Neal, CPA

Unrivaled personal integrity

Tenant Hospital

We frequently recommend them to clients who require computer and network assistance. They do a great job!

CPA, Partner
Thomas-Clough, CPA PA

Nobody but Infostream...

I don't want anybody but InfoStream to fix our issues. Best thing we ever did was to meet you! It has been a win win situation. I told you we were a non profit and you have done everything in your power to work with us. Excellent employees and top notch work. I will go nowhere else!

Executive Director
Lake Worth Playhouse

I cannot thank you enough. You guys are amazing!!

Network Administrator
Saint Juliana School

Alan and his team are a cut above the rest. The team at InfoStream provide great IT services. They came in at a time of need to help us get our systems back up and running. They are always responsive and if it’s an emergency they help us immediately. They solve any problem for us and go way above and beyond for my company. I highly recommend this company and team for any of your needs!

Network Administrator

We consider ourselves very fortunate to work with our IT management company, InfoStream

Executive Director
Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County