Ten Popular Add-Ons to QuickBooks Enterprise

We are often asked about add-on programs or services that can enhance your QuickBooks Enterprise experience. Some are designed to fill in the gaps of a specific industry’s needs. Some streamline your procedures saving you valuable time and resources. Many of these can be found at http://marketplace.intuit.com/ . Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Transaction Pro Importer
  2. This powerful tool allows you to import lists or transactions from Excel or text files to most versions of QuickBooks. No matter what type of data you need to import, Transaction Pro Importer makes it possible to stop manually entering transactions into QuickBooks.

  3. Fishbowl Inventory
  4. The number 1 inventory management software for QuickBooks. This add-on offers multi-location tracking, manufacturing, serial number tracking and much more. It meets the needs of companies that require more streamlined inventory control, material requirements planning (MRP) and job shop floor control.

  5. ShipGear
  6. Faster, more accurate shipping. ShipGear provides a plug-and-play interface between QuickBooks an UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship manager. ShipGear's two-way synchronization provides a simple way to ship packages, update QuickBooks invoices to include freight charges and tracking numbers, and eliminate double data entry in two systems.

  7. QQUBE
  8. A data extraction tool that allows you to drag and drop information from the Only QuickBooks Data Warehouse directly into Microsoft Excel, Access, SAP Crystal Reports or the reporting tool of your choice. It eliminates the need to understand table schemas, relationships or mapping documents.

  9. Assisted Payroll
  10. Instant, accurate paychecks; payroll taxes and filings done for you; no tax penalties guaranteed; free live expert support. The best part is that after your payroll is uploaded to Intuit’s secured servers and processed, you download seamlessly into your QuickBooks file. All appropriate accounts are updated eliminating the need for tedious journal entries. You pay your employees easily and keep yourself organized and worry free.

  11. Bill & Pay
  12. A complete online invoice delivery & payment system. Bill & Pay is based on the built-in option to receive payments deducted from your customer’s checking account (ACH) instead of paying high fees associated with credit card payments You can send also reminders for open invoices.

  13. Bill.Com
  14. An online portal that allows you to upload your bills and paperwork and completely automate your accounts payable process. Bill.com prints and mails your checks or pays electronically on the day you set. It can also store contracts with bills so the associated records are never more than a click away.

  15. Check Factory
  16. Check Factory is a complete MICR check and forms printing software solution, designed to eliminate the need to purchase preprinted checks and forms. Ideal for property managers or businesses with multiple checking accounts.

  17. Avalara
  18. Avalra represents a family of tax products that allow you to manage your entire sales tax process in the cloud, look up a tax rate or anything between. AvaTax reduces audit risk with cloud –based sales tax services that make it simple to calculate rates, manage exemption certificates, file forms and remit payments.

  19. SmartVault
  20. This is a great product for accountants and businesses that need an online document management solution and a web portal for secure file sharing. With SmartVault, you get more than just a cloud drive—you get a secure and easy-to-use online storage solution accessible anywhere, anytime.