Why Outsourcing Your IT Department Will Save You Time and Money

Outsourcing Your IT Department Housing your own IT Department is costly and setting one up can create a lot of distraction, which is unhelpful in the highly competitive market we work in today. You need to be able to focus on running your business and not be worrying about whether all of your data is backed up or whether you’re safe from security threats. But you don’t have to spend all of that money and time on employing and training staff to deal with your company’s IT needs; InfoStream, industry experts in all things technology and IT offer their own IT department outsourcing service. It’s inexpensive and more importantly, it allows you to devote all of your time to your business. They’ll ensure your business is fully protected from threats, emergencies and all of those other unforeseen circumstances that can jeopardize your business. Not only will InfoStream make sure you’re protected, they’ll also equip your company with the latest software, specifically chosen to help your company work efficiently and to the highest standard.

InfoStream are a trustworthy, capable and reliable company, providing business IT services, IT consulting and a computer network servicing Palm Beach, North Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens. Boasting a number of business partnerships with some of the most well-known IT companies, such as: Cisco, Dell, GFI, Microsoft and Trend, they have the knowledge and expertise capable of allowing them to work with the leaders in the technology industry.

No matter what industry your company specializes in, InfoStream can come up with IT solutions for you, and all businesses within a wide range of sectors, including the following: accounting & financial, architectural & engineering, legal, manufacturing, not-for-profit & charitable, real estate, educational, construction, and professional.

They can give your company a free Full Network Audit & Security Scan or a free Critical Health Checklist to give you a report on any vulnerabilities from which your business suffers and any improvements that can be made to make your business more efficient. Not only can InfoStream do all of this for your company, they can also repair your PCs, laptops and tablets, carry out maintenance work and recoveries on networks, and make your business PCI compliant. They also offer a Cloud storage service, so that you can rest assured that your business data and information is available and safe at all times. If you just need them to quickly sort out a technical issue for you, you can call them up to get help instantly, and you can even download remote support from their website.

Don’t jeopardize your business by taking your eye off the ball to worry about you IT solution, get InfoStream to provide and maintain an IT department designed specifically for your business. For more information, head to www.infostream.cc where you can sign up to a free newsletter, book a free assessment with a technology professional, or simply fill out a form to get in touch. You can also call InfoStream on (561) 968-0046.