Are you doing more IT work than your real job?

Are you doing more IT work than your real job?

We see it all the time… That one person in the office, maybe even the boss, who got roped into being “The computer guy”.

Maybe they can’t get their “real” job done because they are constantly being pulled away to help with problems. Or worse, they like the IT work so much they willingly keep jumping to this when other work is lagging.

It usually starts with something minor where they help out with a thing or two but it always escalates as more and more people find out they can help and it isn’t just a one-off question but now all IT questions are coming to this person. Kudos to them for helping! But are they doing things that maybe aren’t correct or that could be creating security issues? Is that a wise way to invest their time?

We are often brought into firms to help with this exact problem. Before you know it, we have set that person free to do their job again! We have helped make things a smooth and well-oiled machine so that the business can actually focus on what they do and not on their IT system.

Who is your “computer guy”? Is it you?