Emergency Critical Vulnerability Alert From The NSA

Emergency Critical Vulnerability Alert From The NSA

EMERGENCY NOTICE: There has been an emergency critical vulnerability alert from the NSA, Department of Homeland Security and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) that requires urgent action.

All Servers and Desktops should be immediately patched with the newly released fix.

  • If you are on our WFNC (Worry-Free Network Care) program, we will patch your servers.
  • If you are on our WFDC (Worry-Free Desktop Care) program, we will patch your desktops.

Normally, we put all patches through a testing process and block, allow or conditionally deploy them which takes approximately 2 weeks. However, given the critical nature of this vulnerability, we are rushing to begin deploying this tonight and every night going forward.

If you are not on both of those programs, or on just one of them, you should urgently patch your non-managed computers and servers.

This vulnerability enables hostile entities to directly remote into the affected computers giving the malicious party full, unrestricted access to damage or acquire your data. Servers, computers and entire offices could be rendered unusable.

If you require any additional assistance or have non-InfoStream managed systems, please call 561-968-0046 or e-mail support at [email protected]

I hope this alert proves timely and helpful.

Alan D. Crowetz, MBA, MCSE

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