Server Crashes and Spare Parts: How a Global Crisis is Affecting Small Businesses

Server Crashes and Spare Parts:  How a Global Crisis is Affecting Small Businesses


When a server dies because of a bad part, it’s a bad day for everyone. It generally means a business is dead in the water for days or even weeks. There is a lot that can be done to mitigate this risk, however, there are recent developments in the world economy that directly affect you and your organization.

Servers are amazing technological wonders. They grind away 24/7/365 running all of a company’s most critical data. Super productive, never complaining, never stopping. Until they do.

As amazing as they are, they still break, just like everything else. That is why it is extremely important to keep your server under warranty! It’s not for the expense of replacing parts. Whether a part is $50 or $2,000 the bigger concern is part availability. If you can’t get the part, your entire firm is dead in the water for days or even weeks.

Server Manufacturers

Server manufacturers like Dell and HP keep parts in stock for servers under warranty. But they are infamous for not providing parts for servers no longer under warranty. Right now, what is greatly compounding this problem is that there is a global parts shortage. There are many critical parts that you simply cannot get for any price. That’s a catastrophe just waiting to happen.

Even in the best of times, we strongly recommend that servers be replaced well before the warranty expires. In worst case, the warranty can be extended a bit but there is a maximum limit. Don’t let a basic part failure cripple your entire firm.

Server Migrations and IT Support

We do server migrations and provide IT services to businesses in West Palm Beach and throughout Palm Beach County all the time. A client gets a new server and we move all of the data, files, databases, user accounts, etc. from the old to the new. With each version of Windows Server, the process has gotten smoother and smoother for end users to the point it barely even disrupts them anymore.

Because replacing a server smoothly is a big deal, we only do one client at a time to give you 100% attention, speed, and perfection. We actually have a waiting list! When a client wants a server replaced, we put them down as the next in line – so plan ahead.

Now is an ideal time to replace any old servers as Windows Server 2022 just came out! This buys you even more life expectancy with your new server. Particularly since Microsoft stops supporting and providing security patches for old Windows Server versions. Another reason to replace old servers.

Key Message

The key message here is to know how old your server is and when the warranty expires. Are you clear on when to replace it? Have you budgeted and planned for it? Fortunately, we can quickly get you the answer to this if you don’t know – just give us a call or contact one of our IT specialists located right here in West Palm Beach!