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Would you like an hour of free computer support? Maybe you have some minor computer issues you need cleaned up, or just want to learn some new tricks for your computer, or even a tune up and speed up of that computer. It could be a training-planning seminar or a review and maintenance of your software. Or if you have something else in mind, let us know and we'll take care of it.

Now, how do you get this free hour?

InfoStream is looking for a little help from you. If you have a website, we're asking for you to add in a link that points back to your excellent IT support company. It could be a link to our main page, or a direct link to our newsletter sign-up page, or even a link to our blog. The newsletter and blog both provide current articles by InfoStream staff and additional articles from across the country on a wide range of topics, some technical, and some informational. We do request that the link be on your website, and not in a blog post.

If you decide to set that link up, let us know! Send one of us an email with the link, and we'll give you that hour of free help on anything you want.

So give your web designer a call.

And then give us a call!

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