Movie Quote Challenge!

Here's a little challenge to stimulate the brain cells. The following quotes are from various movies. To give you a little help, we've given you the year of the movie's release. They all have something to do with computers and technology. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to identify both the name of the movie, and the person who said the line.

We Want YOU: Team InfoStream!

We want YOU to join Team InfoStream! It is for an event, that is so fun, I promise you will love it and remember it forever.

We are asking you to join Team InfoStream and come do the Warrior Dash event with us on December 3, 2011. It is a giant event with live music, food, drinks and most important, a fun obstacle course track where you jump over fire, climb cargo nets and cross rivers.

Win ANOTHER free Flip HD Video Camera!

We just gave away three FREE Flip/Cisco High Definition Pocket Video cameras. Congratulations to Chris Rapp a Senior System Administrator with the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center, Michelle Sordelet an accountant at Palm Beach Tax and Financial, and a winner that wishes to remain anonymous!

That was so much fun; we’re giving away at least one more! And the odds are very good you could win one!
Anyone referring someone to us before February 28, that becomes a client, will be entered to win.

Get a FREE Flip HD Video Camera!

We’re not just having a contest… we are having TWO contests!  You have two ways to win a Flip High Definition Video Camera: (1) Be one of the first two people to refer us a new client or (2) whoever can get the most people to sign up for our Free newsletter.